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by | Dec 27, 2022 | ALL NEWS

With Christmas being a jolly time of the year, Chill Point Plaza, in collaboration with Cowbell, organised the first ever Cowbell Kids Carnival on 25th December 2022 at Chill Point Plaza, Gloucester.

The event attracted a large number of children from all the surrounding communities, namely IMAT, Leicester, Tree Planting, Gloucester and Freetown. Although Cowbell has been supporting kids’ events over the years, this carnival attracted the largest gathering of children within Freetown and environs.

Hundreds of kids were treated to good music and dance, amid chilled refreshment made possible by Cowbell, the major event sponsor. All children that participated were refreshed with chilled mixed Cowbell Strawberry. After payment of the gate fee, children were given a sachet of Cowbell 20g to sample by themselves, which enticed many of them to purchase products offered for sale at the event grounds.

There were fun-filled activities such as a singing and dancing competition, as well as a questions and answer session, where children were asked questions after being educated on the benefits of Cowbell. Winners were presented with a strip of Cowbell milk to enjoy.

Kids Super Star (Na We Salone Sabi), a popular children’s singing group from the eastern part of Freetown featuring God’s Child, Golden Treasure, IFK and Miss Success, thrilled the audience with their entertaining music.

Along with dishing out gifts to children who attended the event, our Cowbell Santa also had a picture-taking session with them to serve as cherished memories. Passers-by in the streets around the event were given sachets of Cowbell to taste.

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