Our delicious soft-drink product comes in a range of different formats and unique flavours.
Drink-O-Pop powdered drinks have a long shelf life, making them easily available as and when they are needed.


Drink-O-Pop has been a brand leader in the powdered soft drinks category since 1987. Our refreshing drinks are available in both a powdered sachet and liquid concentrate, and an assortment of fruity flavours that are all preservative and sugar-free.



Drink-O-Pop is the best way to beat a big thirst on a hot and sunny day with 20 tongue-tantalising flavours that range from mango to cream soda, raspberry to iron brew and more.

Whether you choose the powdered drink in convenient sachets, the easy-to-prepare liquid concentrate; or the ready-to-drink bottles, the soft beverage is easy to pop into a lunch box or picnic hamper.

The four Drink-O-Pop categories are: Drink-O-Pop powder concentrate which comes in 5g powder concentrate sachets and is available in twenty mixed fruit flavours; Drink-O-Pop liquid concentrate offers six flavours, which come in a 200ml resealable tamper-proof bottle with a 12-months shelf life,
as well as 10s display pack for traders; Drink-O-Pop Grab-It which has a nine-month shelf life and comes in a 150ml pouch pack with
five flavours to choose from; and Drink-O-Pop Kid-O Sparkling, which comes in a 250ml compact ready to drink bottle with seven fruity flavours and nine-month shelf life.