Sossi – My family’s favourite protein in a can. Sossi Soybean chunks in sauces and gravy
are the perfect combination of healthy goodness, delicious taste and ready-to-eat convenience.


Enjoy its meaty goodness

Sossi is 100% plant-based, but tastes just like meat. And we’ve selected the very best ingredients to transform our versatile soyabean chunks into rich, meaty sauces and gravy to excite your taste buds. Add Sossi to spice-up your Cape Malay Curry, Chakalaka, Bunny Chow, Vetkoek or Tomato Bredie.

Sossi is good for you

Sossi not only has a rich, meaty taste, but it’s also high in body-building protein (just like meat) and other important vitamins and minerals. It’s also cholesterol-free, which is good for your health. And because Sossi is made from soya beans, it’s perfect for vegetarians.

Sossi is ready-to-eat

Sossi in a can is ready-to-eat on its own or as yummy addition to all your favourite meals, like rice, pap, bread, potatoes, vetkoek…just about anything. All you need to do is heat it up.

Sossi comes in three delicious flavours for you to choose from: Beef in a rich gravy, beef in a tomato sauce and beef in a hot chilli sauce.