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Since 1979, Promasidor has been a leading provider of high-quality food products across various regions in Africa. Our range includes everything from powdered dairy products to culinary food enhancers and refreshing beverages. We pride ourselves on offering products that are affordable, yet of excellent quality.

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Promasidor Dairy


With our flagship brand Cowbell being the first product we distributed in Africa, Promasidor powdered milk products have been perfected over the years to stay fresher for longer without compromising on quality. Available in convenient pack sizes to suit all needs, our milk, cheese, condensed milk and evaporated milk products guarantee consistent quality and nutritious value. The Promasidor dairy product range includes a variety of powdered milk brands that are instant and easy to prepare while being cost-effective at the same time.


Our vision of providing quality, affordable milk powder to the people of Africa has made Cowbell one of Africa’s best loved brands.


Cowbell Chocolate is a healthy and delicious flavoured milk. It is a ‘3 in 1’ offering made from milk + cocoa + sugar, so all you need to…


The Cowbell brand is a delicious cheese preparation with a creamy texture. Mixing quality and affordable price, the delicious cheese prep…


Le Berbère is a delicious cheese with a creamy texture and pleasant flavour. It’s the perfect cheese for the happiness of the whole family.


Loya is a full-cream milk powder enriched with Forvita, our booster blend of five essential vitamins for good health and well-being.


Made from specially sourced milk from New Zealand, Loya premium is a superior quality full-cream milk powder, which now offers 50% more c…


Miksi fat-filled milk powder has a marginally higher fat content which delivers a creamy taste and contains calcium, proteins, vitamins e…


Mixwell is a delicious fat-filled milk powder that’s enriched with vitamins and minerals to bring out the superhero in all of us.

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