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Cowbell organizes another nutrition assessment program with the 37 Military hospital to mark 2023 World Milk Day in Ghana

by | Jun 9, 2023 | ALL NEWS

On the occasion of this year’s World Milk Day celebration, leading Dairy brand, Cowbell, reiterated the need for milk consumption to address the issue of pediatric malnutrition in the country. This was made known at a nutrition assessment program to commemorate this year’s World Milk Day on the 1st of June at the Ledzekuku Northern cluster of schools. The program, which was organized by Cowbell in partnership with the 37 Military Hospital, seeks to assess the nutritional status of children in the school. A total of 240 students were assessed using the Mid-Upper Arm Circumference method of measurement, leading to twenty five schoolchildren who were identified to be suffering from different medical conditions, including malnourishment. Dieticians from the hospital and representative from the Cowbell brand, gave a dietary talk to over 2,000 schoolchildren on the nutritive relevance of milk products especially Cowbell Milk  and the need for a balanced diet through a class-by-class approach. 

Addressing the leadership of the school before the start of the program, Corporate Communication and PR Lead, Mr Gideon Kodo, conveyed the importance of  World Milk Day to the Cowbell brand. “As a leading dairy brand in the country, we consider this day very important in our brand activities and engagements. Our wide range of Cowbell products continue to provide quality milk to meet the nutritional needs of the Ghanaian consumer especially children. We believe it is important to highlight and educate the public on the nutritional benefits of milk consumption and as such,  our product Cowbell Milk.  We also believe it is important to shed more light on the difference between non-dairy creamers and milk.  Our product Cowbell, is rich in Protein and vitamins like Vitamin B9, which is good for the cognitive development of the child, provides energy and boosts the immune system to name a few.” Mr Kodo said.

Principal Dietician at the 37 Military Hospital, Alexander Stonliver Larbi, in a media interview, shared his excitement about the partnership with the Cowbell brand over the past 3 years. “The intake of milk especially at the early stages of a child’s life, is crucial for developing strong bones and teeth which helps prevent osteoporosis and bone fractures later in life” Mr Larbi added. The assessment program was followed by a donation of Cowbell and Yumvita products as well as a visit to the Pediatric unit and ward of the 37 military hospital. Receiving the product on behalf of the hospital, Acting Commanding officer, Colonel Mensah, commended both brands for the long standing relationship they have with the hospital and gave his assurance that the products will serve the purpose for which it was donated.

Since 2020, Cowbell in partnership with the 37 Military hospital organizes a nutrition assessment program every 1 June to commemorate World Milk Day; a day set aside by the Food and Agriculture Organization under the United Nations, to recognize the importance of milk as a global food. 

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