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by | Jan 29, 2024 | CORPORATE NEWS

The Cowbellpedia TV quiz show culminated in a grand finale that crowned Agbo Adoga from Graceland Secondary School as the Junior Category Champion and Joseph Okechukwu from Graceland International School, Port Harcourt, as the Senior Category champion. The winners of the 2023 Cowbellpedia Competition have attributed their victories to hard work and dedication during the championship. 

Cowbellpedia witnessed participation from over 1 000 students across the country, showcasing the breadth and depth of talent in Nigeria. Innovative elements such as Fastest Finger and Chest of Fortune added a thrilling dimension to the competition, testing not just mathematical prowess, but also quick thinking and creative problem-solving. Zone of Power empowered students by allowing them to take charge, showcasing their leadership skills and critical thinking abilities. 

The winners of the Senior and Junior Secondary categories said the most challenging part of the competition was the last stage. They won N5 million each, a trip to South Africa, and a one-year supply of Cowbell products. 

Speaking about his way to success, Okechukwu, said, “Everybody in my class took a test, out of twenty of us, five of us were selected and qualified for the competition; we had classes and lessons.  The hardest thing was the finals because I was one of the last, but later, due to the zone of power and the questions from Cowbellpedia Bank, I was able to get the first position. I made so many friends from the competition and also got so much experience out of this course,” he stated.

Also speaking at the finale, the winner of the junior category of the competition, Adoga, said that from the preliminary stage, he knew he would win the competition. “For my class, we all wrote an exam and then they selected a topic. Then we resume for the 10th day of our session. We were going through some classes and were doing exams. Five of us were qualified to participate. I’m very good at math and plenty of other subjects. The hardest part of the competition for me was the final round, which was the intuition round.” He reflected on his journey, saying, “It was a test of perseverance and resilience. I learned so much and made valuable friendships along the way. I aim to further my studies.

Finally, we are now very convinced that the additional features that were included in this year’s Cowbellpedia TV Quiz Show are in line with our aim to expand the scope of Cowbellpedia. Aside from expanding the knowledge areas, we also looked at different angles of how we can test the knowledge of the children. So, we have the Fastest Finger, for instance, where all entrants participate, with the first eight (out of eleven) to get the answer right moving on to the next round. This is testing their wit; it’s testing how fast they can respond to these questions. We also have Chest of Fortune, for instance, where they have to solve puzzles, and mathematical puzzles, to win a cash prize of N250,000 right in the heat of the competition.

The Category Manager, Donatus Ukpai, said it’s been 25 years since the company has been supporting academic excellence. “Cowbellpedia is dedicated to showcasing the dreams and aspirations of students and the younger generation. We will not stop at this as we have come a long way. 

“We would like to let you know that Cowbellpedia is not just a contest but rather, a symbol for excellence, and a platform built to bring great minds together. The performance from the recently completed Cowbellpedia shows that these students have great quality, and they are all winners. It is good to say that, with the brightest of the minds that we have seen on display from the competition, Nigerians are in safe hands, and we are excited to share your excellence and by extension, Nigeria is privileged to have you in this country.”

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