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Miksi Chocolate provides refreshment over Ramadan in Liberia

by | Apr 10, 2024 | ALL NEWS, CORPORATE NEWS

Ramadan is a sacred and solemn period of spiritual retrospection amongst our Muslim population. Miksi was proud to be associated with the 2024 Ramadan festive season, where we took the opportunity to donate Miksi products to various mosques and engaged worshippers during the fasting period.

Our team culminated the celebration of the season with the Miksi Eid Fitr tasting at the Ma-Hajah Musu Mosque, where most worshippers were warmly treated with our cool Miksi Chocolate Drink, which is how Liberians prefer their chocolate beverages.

The audience were delighted, as this has been a first of its kind in Liberia. We seized the opportunity to engage most of the audience with product and consumer education on our Miksi products and other brands.

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