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Promasidor Ghana marks global recycling day with a commitment to stay eco-friendly

by | Apr 19, 2023 | ALL NEWS

As part of activities marking this years Global Recycling Day, Promasidor Ghana (PGH) has paid a working visit to a recycling and waste management partner, Safisana. The visit includes a guided tour of the recycling plant  and how waste from Promasidor Ghana is recycled into biogas to produce electricity that is fed to the main grid. The team was also taken through the process of compositing and further production of Osagyefo organic fertiliser and sold at subsidised prices to farmers. 

Speaking at a round table discussion on how to grow the partnership, Quality Assurance manager and leader of the delegation from Promasidor, Miss Bernnadette Klu, reaffirmed a commitment to position PGH as an eco-friendly business and also show leadership by integrating best environmental system practices in its operations. “We are an environmentally friendly organization and as such committed to reduction of  our carbon footprints and the impact of our operations on the environment. Our partnership with Safisana gives credence to this commitment and together with other advocacy programs and community support initiatives under the visionary leadership of our Managing Director, Mr. Festus Tettey, we believe we can reduce the net effect of greenhouse gases. Suffice to say that with this partnership, even our waste is serving a good purpose and contributing significantly to  the closed loop economy”, Miss Klu said.

Founder and Managing Director of Safisana, Mr. Aar Van Den Beukel shared his excitement about the partnership and further stated the readiness of Safisana to to expand and build a closed loop circle where Safisana can generate gas that can be used by Promasidor in the future. At the end of the visit, Safisana presented a Green Certificate to honour Promasidor for its commitment to operate an eco-friendly business. 

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