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Promasidor Ghana officially receives the Environmental Management System certification

by | Dec 22, 2023 | ALL NEWS

Promasidor Ghana has officially received the Environmental Management System certification (ISO 14001:2015) from SGS Ghana on the 21 December 2023, after a long and intensive exercise to achieve its goal of establishing an environmentally sustainable PGH system. The six-month long activity comprised of various mandatory structures and systems Promasidor Ghana passed through to earn this certification. The management of PGH, staff and all other stakeholders had an important role to play during the period and were heavily involved in ensuring the success of the project. A steering committee consisting of the business leadership, a working party made up of PGH’s department representatives and an internal audit team comprising key Quality Assurance officers worked hand in hand through meetings and trainings to facilitate the continued growth of the project. The certification body, SGS Ghana in conjunction with the accreditation body, UCAS closely monitored and supervised the organisation’s project to achieve the goal of improving the overall impact on the environment.

Over the six-month period, PGH made several alterations and improvements to the organisation’s general operating systems with the aid of the GAP assessment exercise conducted by the various teams to identify and improve Promasidor’s position on the EMS spectrum. Weekly project alignment and audits on the progress of the project eased the staff and all stakeholders into complying with and improving on each unit’s overall impact in creating an environmentally sustainable system. This ensures that the environmental policy and objectives are established and in line with the strategic direction of PGH as well as ensuring the integration of the EMS requirements into PGH’s business processes. This critical step puts PGH at the forefront of its sustainable development goals and pushes us one step further in achieving a completely sustainable system in Ghana.

Internally, PGH has improved on the majority of its processes and objectives under raw material use, fuel consumption, organisational utilities, and waste management. Several projects have been implemented in conjunction with external organisations aligned with PGH’s values, to embark on partnership programmes towards accomplishing our core environmental goals. Safisana, one of Promasidor’s partners on this project, helps with the processing of product waste with bacteria to provide Biogas, from which heat and electrical power is generated. This process is advanced by drying out, milling, sieving, and bagging of product waste to sell as fertilizer. Vigour DW, another partner of PGH, also receives our primary packaging waste which is processed by separating and converting from plastic laminate to pellet, and aluminium to aluminium blocks. All these initiatives put Promasidor Ghana at the forefront of environmentally sustainable development in Ghana’s industries. The hard work and dedication of the team was rewarded with an honourable award for best project team in Promasidor Ghana at the just ended 2024 Extended Leadership Meeting under the Promasidor Excellence Awards which further proved the importance and significance of the staff that embarked on the EMS Project.

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