Le Berbère is a delicious cheese with a creamy texture and pleasant flavour.
It’s the perfect cheese for the happiness of the whole family.


As the first cheese brand to be produced and distributed in the Promasidor Group,
Le Berbère has many nutritional benefits and a delicious taste. It is available in several formats and flavours to satisfy kids and grown-ups’ cravings.
In bars, triangle and square portions, flavoured or original taste, it will always be your companion for great breakfasts and snacks, making you an exceptional chef.

Le Berbère Original

Enriched with calcium to ensure good bone development, Le Berbère Original is manufactured according to the UHT process for maximum protection.
It is available in four formats 08. 16, 24 and 32 portions.

Le Berbère Croissance

Le Berbère Croissance is triangle-shaped melted cheese, rich in calcium, zinc, iron and vitamins B12, D,
so many elements essential for growth. It comes in UHT format to ensure maximum protection as well as preserved quality.

Le Berbère Croissance Frais Fondu

Enriched with vitamins C, D & E as well as iron and zinc,
is also available in box of 6 square portions to be enjoyed at any time of the day.
It is enriched in crème fraiche for a deliciously creamy for the pleasure of your children.

Le Berbère en Barres

Le Berbère is also available in different flavours and formats.
It’s a multi-usage cheese preparation, for spread or cooking, to satisfy all your palate’s needs.
It is available in 1.8kg and 600g, as well as min-bars of 150g in “nature”, “ginger and fine herbs”, “black olives” and “green olives”

Le Berbère Cuisine

4x75g of rectangular portion of cheese preparation, their unique taste makes them the ideal ingredient for all your culinary preparations.